February 16, Kharkov, Ukraine. STENVEYZ DON'T STOP TO DANCE has got CAC, rCACIB and the title of Ukrainian Champion

March 2, St.Peterbourg. Retriever Specialty Show:



    Our 16-th Champion - STENVEYZ EVERY YEAR TRADITION! For the short time she has got this title and several time she was Group Winner!

    April 27, Kiev, Ukraine. STENVEYZ DON'T STOP TO DANCE has got CAC, CACIB & BOS. And young chocolate female STENVEYZ LIVING MELODY - won The Best Junior and JCH UKR!

    May 18, Saratov. STENVEYZ PEPPER BRANDY - Best Puppy and BIS-2.

    May 25, Moscow. EVELLAN'S HALFMILLION KISSES became the absolute winner at the International dog show received CACIB, BOB, BIG-2 and we are waiting for the title of International champion now. MALLORN'S ARIEL - CAC, RCACIB. STENVEYZ ESPECIALLY for B.E. - CAC and it was the last ticket for the title of Russian Champion. We congratulate our 17-th Champion!

    May 25, Ekaterinbourg. STENVEYZ PERSONAL SERVICE - The Best Puppy.

    June 02, Naro-Fominsk. MALLORN'S ARIEL had grandiose success - she has got CAC, BOB, BIG-1 and BEST IN SHOW!!! (all breeds)

    June 09, Obninsk. MALLORN'S ARIEL has got CAC.

    June 29, At the International Dog Show, St. Petersburg, EVELLAN'S HALFMILLION KISSES won CACIB and BOB!
    has got CAC, CACIB and BOS;
    - won Intermediate Class and CAC;
    - won Open Class, CAC, RCACIB, and she became Russian Champion now.


    August 3-4. Palanga, Lithuania. At the III-rd Lithuanian Retriever Club Show EVELLAN'S HALFMILLION KISSES FOR STENVEYZ became the BEST BITCH, CAC, BOS and Club Winner'02. And at the International Dog Show - RCACIB.


    August 18, Chelabinsk, Ural Region. STENVEYZ DESSERT CHOCOLATE won Champion class, CACIB and BOS; STENVEYZ DON'T STOP TO DANCE - RCACIB. Many thanks for their handler Elena Lomokhova!

    August 24, V.Novgorod, RUS, LTU CH Evellan's Halfmillion Kisses for Stenveyz has got her 7-th CACIB and BOS!
    RUS CH Mallorn's Ariel
    - won Open Class and CAC;
    RUS CH Stenveyz Every Year Tradition
    won Intermediate class and CAC,
    Stenveyz Like Dreamers Do
    took second place in Intermediate class and RCAC=CAC;
    And young chocolate male Stenveyz Let It Be - won Intermediate class and CAC.

    September 28-29, Ukraine
    The Thousand of kilometers in one end and we are in Zhaporozhje! Unpleasant sediment after such long journey, and road's "surprises" awaiting us there (we travel by the car), all troubles were forgotten after warm acceptance, funs and the well-disposed relations to us from the part of practically all "labradors people". It was very pleasantly for us to visit the new "native land" of several "Stenveyz", and to see by our eyes on of the greatest rivers - Dnepr, hydroelectric station established in 1936 - TERRIFIC giant, island Khortitsa and so on. Particularly, there was pleasantly, when at the Dog Show, at Saturday, September 28 two dogs of our breeding have got the high places. It was Stenveyz Taste of Chocolate, ow. Katya and Andrew Shtepa, won baby class and has got "The Best Baby"; and Stenveyz Living Melody, ow. Vlada Manzenko, has gotCAC, BOB and BIG-3!
    Next day we went to other town Dnepropetrovsk at the International Dog Show "Dnepr 2002"

    Lucky owners of Winners and their rooters

    RUS, UKR CH Stenveyz Don't Stop To Dance ow. Tatiana Sverchkova, won Champion class, CAC and RCACIB;
    Evellan's Holsten, ow. Tatiana Sverchkova, won open class, got CAC, CACIB, BOB;
    Stenveyz Taste of Chocolate ow. Katya & Andrew Shtepa -Best Baby;
    UKR JCH Stenveyz Living Melody ow. Vlada Manzenko, won Intermediate clas, CAC;
    RUS CH Mallorn's Ariel - CAC in Open class, RCACIB and the title of Ukraine Champion;
    RUS, LTU CH Stenveyz Dessert Chocolate - CAC in Working class and the title of Ukraine Champion;
    RUS, LTU CH Evellan's Halfmillion Kisses for Stenveyz - CAC in Champion class, the title of Ukraine Champion, CACIB & BOS!

    November 16, Moscow. Our lovely Stenveyz Like Dreamers Do has got CAC and BOS!

    November 23, St.Petersburg. Stenveyz Agatha Christie has got CAC, BOB & BIG-2;
    Stenveyz Let It Be
    has got CAC & BOS; Stenveyz Every Year Tradition - CW in Champion class!

    November 30, Kishinev, Moldova. We congratulate Stenveyz Garden Violet with Moldavian Champion, (and Russian Champion), the result of two Dog Show is - 2CAC, CACIB and BOS.

    December 7, Moscow. We are very happy with the great wins of two our bitches in two breeds:
    Labrador - STENVEYZ OO-LA-LA - CAC, BOB!

    December 13, St.Petersburg. STENVEYZ LET IT BE has got CAC, BOB and the title of Russian Champion!

    December 15, Kyev, Ukraine. RUS, UKR CH Stenveyz Don't Stop To Dance won "Crystal Cup", CAC, CACIB & BOB! Stenveyz Living Melody has got RCAC and RCACIB.