Do you know a dog that needs virtually no training? Good manners and intelligence, as well as a cheerful, friendly temperament, are inborn in this dog. Despite its imposing appearance, this dog is completely no aggressive, and its eyes, filled with childlike curiosity, radiate joy. This is the Labrador retriever. The roots of this breed extend out from the island of Newfoundland, where, about two centuries ago, fishermen bred these dogs alongside the ancestors of today's Newfoundlands.

Why Labrador? In 1988 I went to a Dog Show, and in one of the rings I saw these remarkable black dogs. I really liked black dogs, and when I found out that these were Labradors, I was very surprised. I had always had a stereotyped image of Labradors as being yellow-coloured. These dogs walked in circles, and I stood and watched them. And suddenly I understood that I wanted to have this type of dog.

At the end of 1988 I bought my first Labrador - black bitch and one year later second - Kenol Virgin Raider. My first Labrador puppies were born in 92, but the kennel was registered only in 1995, and per 96 years - first two litter with kennel affix 'Stenveyz'. At that time, we had two bitches, one male of Russian origin and one more male that we had bought in Belgium. Our dogs won at shows, but we understood that this was not the future. After all, each of our dogs had a bit of Newfoundland in it, because at the height of Labrador breeding in our country, a Labrador bitch was once successfully bred with a Newfoundland. Twenty years have passed since then, but the consequences of this match continue to this day. This is a clear example of how one breeding incident can ruin everything. We had to get away from those bloodlines. Therefore, we began to acquire "pure" dogs from abroad.

We are breeding all three colour of Labs. And half of our dogs are co-owned. We should say straight out that we were very lucky with STANLEY OF LUCIFERS DELIGHT ('Stam'). This chocolate male is our pride and joy. He is now - International Champion, Champion of Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belorussia and Ukraine. He has been the leading stud dog for some time and founder of a magnificent chocolate line. Stam also the first Labrador dog in Russian to received the International Champion title! First two litters in Stenveyz were from Russian bitches having a number of faults, but despite of it, there were also successful dogs:

In 1996-97 years the kennel rented magnificent yellow dog BLONDELLA BUTCH CASSIDY (England) left trace in Russian breeding. Clyde has transferred to all offspring a good type, temperament, head. Till now at all shows his children hold a priority!

INT CH Stanley of Lucifers Delight

In 1997-98 we had chance to rent the International Champion, Champion of Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Netherlands, Russia QUATRO OF LUCIFERS DELIGHT.

Many thanks, Mariette and Jef Verrees!

Quatro carries all three color, has given to us super puppies when mated to URFAMYCINE OF LUCIFERS DELIGHT. As result today we have:

In 1997 the kennel had a new impulse by the following purchase of black bitches URFAMYCINE OF LUCIFERS DELIGHT (CAC) and CH MALLORN'S YACARANDA (Russian, Llatvian, Estonian Champion, Baltic Winner-98).

In 1999 we had two successful litters, the first was out of Urfamycine of Lucifers Delight and Tweedledum Steamy Windows and in this litter were born yellow STENVEYZ GALLIGASKINS - Grand, Russian, Lithuanian, Belorusian CH, Club Winner; STENVEYZ GARDEN VIOLET - Russian and Moldavian Ch; STENVEYZ GUIDING STAR - Russian Champion. The second was out of Master of Chocolate du Taillis Madame and Mallorn's Yacaranda. In this litter I keep for myself two chocolates - CH STENVEYZ DESSERT CHOCOLATE, and her litterbrother CH STENVEYZ DON'T STOP TO DANCE , since 2002 he is living in Ukraine and he is single Labrador being the International Champion in this country! CH S. Dessert Chocolate in her first litter out of Bubling Picasso gave us CH S. Tochka Ru and CH S. Taste of Chocolate, in the second litter out of CH S. Red October - S. Box of Chocolate, and S. Breezy Summer; in the third - out of CH S. Chance For Revolution I keep for myself lovely black bitch S. Diver Dream.

Next our export in 2000 was from Finland again, lovely black bitch CH Mallorn's Ariel, she had wonderful show-carrier and in her first litter out of Mallorn's Chocolate Czar she gave us really super puppies. The most of them became good stud and foundation bitches in several kennels. It's CH S. Forget Me Not - kennel "Cameswon"; S. Full Flavor - " Nenuoramos" and CH Field Of Dreams - kennel "Balzamas". And our S. Floating Cloud has had good start at the biggest Dog Show in our country - "Eurasia 2004" and we have many plans with her.

I have to say, exported from Finland in 1997 Mallorn's Chocolate Czar (CH Loresho Tango - Boothgates Letter Writer), became very good stud dog and in 1999 году he gave us CH EVELLAN'S HALFMILLION KISSES FOR S., our best bitch, has super show-carrier and in a several years she become the leader at the show rings in our country! And today if we talk about our kennel, her name is the first in a list of our Labradors.

The next his litter was out of CH Stenveyz Angel's Melody, were was born several champions - CH S. Living Melody and CH S. Let It Be. Puppies were so nice and typical and we decided to repeat this mating and in the second litter we keep in our kennel CH Stenveyz Red October, he is copy and continue of the sire's line.

CH Evellan's Halffmillion Kisses for S. in her ferst litter gave CH S. Pepper Brandy and CH S. Polar Storm, and S. Part of Million for us, with very nice type and good temperament, was mated with CH Palabras Keep On Movin' and gave us S. Get Popular.
In the second litter oot of INT, AM, CAN, BRAZ, PanAm CH Beechcroft's Perfect Charmer we have wonderful puppies - CH S. Chimney Sweep, kennel "Hoitty-Toitty"; CH S. Chance For Revolution, ow. Katya Shtepa; and CH S. Cheque For Million - not very big bitch and isn't looking like her mother, but she began her show carrier very successfully, with very good movements and temperament in a short time she has got the title of Russian Champion. I hope she will founder of our new line.

Yellow litter born in our kennel not very often, but they all are descended to Urfamycine of Lucifers Delight, and her third litter was out of FIN CH Rosanan April Fool, from there we keep in the kennel CH S. Oo-La-La, and in the first litter out of CH Tweedledum Against Allodds we have now S. Paprika, and then her lovely daughter out of CH Winnies Meryland - S. Boogie-Woogie, like a continue of yellow line. And in the same way in 2004 we have got black bitch from Anu Honkapirti, Mallorn's Rosamunda, but she have get us very promicing chocolate litter with our Shar and now I plan to use it bitch in my chocolate lines.

Next our acquisition was really super black bitch Follies Moulin Rouge, for very short time she won a lot of Shows and at the age of 15 months became the Russian Junior Champion and Russian Champion, and to 2 years she became the Champion of Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Lithuania and Baltic! Many thanks to Anna-Liisa and Helena Kaitila, kennel Follies, Finland.
At the begining of 2009 new black boy was arrived to our kennel - CH Follies Mason. And on 2013 - new comer - CH Mallorn's Klondike Bar.

You can see the history of our Golden Retrievers:


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Stenveyz Arabica - CW, R.BISS BABY & BOB BABY


Stenveyz Reed My Lips - САС, RCACIB, ЛС2
FCR Specialty
Stenveyz Reed My Lips - Best Bitch, BOB
Gradn Champion of Russia
Absolute Champion of Russia


Stenveyz Gerda - CAC, BOB & BIG-2!


Stenveyz Walk All Over - Best Baby & BIG baby!


Stenveyz Self Control - CAC, BOB!

Labrador Specialty

Stenveyz Shoo-In - CW, BOS!


Stenveyz Rhythm Hot Shots - CAC, BOS

Retriever Specialty

Stenveyz Legend (FCR) - BISS Veteran (All Retrievers)!

Labrador Spesialty

Stenveyz Stardare - CW, Best Male & ResBISS

Chernigov, Ukrane

Stenveyz Dr. Do Little - 2xBest Veteran, BOB, BISVeteran -2, BIG-2!


Stenveyz Grace - CAC, BOS

Klubová výstava retrieverov SK

Stenveyz Sweet Talk - Exc.1, CAC

Speciální klubová výstava retrieverov SK

Stenveyz Sweet Talk - Exc.1, CAC


Stenveyz Just In Time - CAC, BOS & Russian Champion!

Labrador Specialty

Stenveyz Lotus - CW, BOB & BISS!

Field Trial, САСТ

Stenveyz Read My Lips - Diploma II (88 points)!

Humpolec, CZ

Stenveyz Sweet Talk - CAC


Stenveyz Stardare - CAC, BOS & RKF CH


Stenveyz Just In Time - 2CAC, 2 BOS


Stenveyz Panna Cotta - 2CAC, 2BOB, BIG-3! RUS CH!!!

Labrador Specialty

Stenveyz Gerda - CW, Best bitch & BOS


Stenveyz Just In Time - CAC, RKF CH, BOB!

Labrador Specialty

Stenveyz Lotus - CW, Best Male & BOS!